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O3: BRIDGES Digital learning resources and community of practice

The multilingual BRIDGES Digital learning resources and community of practice will be developed, providing open and instant access to all
project contents.

It will guide VET professionals, but also employers, through:

1) Infographics representing the 4-level of employer engagement

2) E-learning contents of the blended CPD programme

3) A set of good practices videos on employer engagement

4) A community of practice, facilitated by each partner’s organisation, in a format of thematic groups, involving VET professionals, the local experts' groups (LEG), employers, and any other interested stakeholders. The aim is to serve as an exchanging space for BRIDGE partners and other practitioners who share similar goals, interests, problems, and approaches.


The digital and open resources will ensure upskilling paths and continuous professional development of VET professionals, direct and indirectly
target by the project, not only during the project life but also after its ends.Videos on employer engagement practices will inspire other VET
professionals. Moreover, the overall effect of the Community of practice besides enabling learn, is to apply, and adapt knowledge from different
contexts to own particular situation without the adverse impact of information overload: “pulling” versus “pushing” information and knowledge.


 It will be available as an OER in in six languages (EN, EL, ES, DE, PL and PT) and can be free accessible by any VET professional
and other educational practitioners (AE, HE), but also by employers, HR staff, employment services and other stakeholders (e.g. social partners).


Community of practice itself is an innovative approach not only in Erasmus+ projects, but also in partners’ organisations.